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Detoxify   Strengthen   revitalize 

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Our Approach

SeaTsu Sauna is stoking sisu & wellness through the pure magic of sweat bathing off the grid in Nature with mobile wood-fired sauna and revitalizing cold-plunges.

Along with countless physical, mental, and social benefits that sauna bathing and hot/cold cycling offers to people, we believe this experience to also be vessel to rejuvenate human connection back to Nature through Earth’s powerful elemental healing powers. 

SeaTsu Sauna is a WA State Social Purpose Corporation and is committed to sharing authentic sauna and using it as a means to detoxify, strengthen, and revitalize people, community, & planet. 

We warmly invite you to join us in experiencing this ancient healing practice, unplugged by the ocean or a river, your backyard, or at our Forest Bathing Sanctuary located in Blyn, WA on the North Olympic Peninsula.