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Detoxify   Strengthen   revitalize 

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Our Approach

SeaTsu Sauna is stoking sisu & wellness through the pure magic of sweat bathing off the grid in Nature with mobile wood-fired sauna and revitalizing cold-plunges.

Along with countless physical, mental, and social benefits that sauna bathing and hot/cold cycling offers to people, we believe this experience to also be vessel to rejuvenate human connection back to Nature through Earth’s powerful elemental healing powers. 

SeaTsu Sauna is a WA State Social Purpose Corporation and is committed to sharing authentic sauna and using it as a means to detoxify, strengthen, and revitalize people, community, & planet. 

We warmly invite you to join us in experiencing this ancient healing practice, unplugged by the ocean or a river, your backyard, or at our Forest Bathing Sanctuary located in Blyn, WA on the North Olympic Peninsula.

SeaTsu Sauna Sessions

Our Services 

SeaTsu Sauna offers a quality wood-fired sauna experience with

regular weekly Day Sessions at our Forest Bathing Sanctuary on Thursday & Sunday's.

On the weekend, we host overnight retreats where guests can enjoy their curated sauna session in addition to a hot soak in an outdoor bathtub and sleeping accommodations in an authentic Sioux-style Tipi.

We are now transitioning into offering mobile sauna service. Contact us if you'd like to have the sauna brought to you! Great for any celebration or special moment in itself. 

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Both sauna's are heated by a commercially produced Finnish sauna stove, which has been appropriately sized for the sauna room.  


Our sauna experience is styled according to Finnish sauna standards. We strongly encourage our guests to experience multiple sessions of hot-cold-relax.


Each sauna has been converted from a vintage horse trailer and has been hand-crafted from local home-milled Western redcedar.


We'd love to hear from you

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