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mobile sauna rentals

Rent our sauna to elevate any special occasion or gathering with loved ones!
View the tabs below to see different ways you can rent the SeaTsu Sauna

mobile experience.

Pop-up rental

What is a sauna pop-up? SeaTsu mobile sauna was built to roam to various desirable sauna locations in Nature to offer the simple yet powerful experience of cycling between relaxing wood-fired heat and revitalizing natural bodies of water such as the sea or a lake. If given an option, the Finns would always build their sauna near a water source! This is a deeply healing and one-of-a-kind experience that we are passionate about sharing!


Ask us about our established pop-up locations or let us know if you have a place in mind where you’d like to pair the healing powers of sweat and sea. New locations on public lands must be approved.


Starting at $180 for a 90-min private session with sauna attendant 

  • $110/hour thereafter 

  • No delivery charge within 10 miles SeaTsu HQ in Blyn, after 10 miles, delivery charge $2.00/mile one way 

  • 2 hour minimum after 20 miles

Interested in a Sauna Pop-up?
Fill out the form linked below!

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